A guide to perfume families

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Can you tell the difference between fruity and citrus perfumes? Can you tell apart a oriental fragrance and a woody one? Regardless of whether you do, the key to understanding perfumes is knowing the fragrance families that they belong to. Some experts can recognise the perfume family from the first scent, but you do not necessarily need to reach this level of perfume mastery to understand your fragrances and make a better decision when choosing amongst car perfumes that we offer.

Read on and learn more about perfume families you can find in our car perfume catalogue.

Perfume families - what are they?

A perfume family is a classification system which is used by the fragrance industry to group the perfumes into groups. Each family has multiple factors by which it can be identified. Understanding which perfume family you like makes it easier to narrow down your car fragrance selection, so choosing a new car perfume could become a bit easier.

What is a fragrance note?

All perfumes are made up of different fragrance notes. Top notes are what you smell first – they are pretty light and refreshing. They are also the first to evaporate. The middle notes, which are also called the heart notes, come second: more often than not they are sweet or floral and last a bit more than the top notes. The base notes are usually the richest in scent and last the longest.

Citrus perfume family

Citrus perfume family is playful, modern, and provides freshness to your car all year round. The composition of citrus notes is pretty light and sometimes even a bit on the fruity note side. Moreover, this group is one of the easiest to recognise. Common perfume notes include orange, lemon, bergamot, neroli, grapefruit, and mandarin.

Oriental perfume family

Oriental perfume family distinguishes itself with its smooth, rich, and sensual characteristics. The perfume notes are usually long-lasting, so the fragrance family is more often used in car perfumes similar to evening type fragrances. Common fragrance notes include vanilla, spices, amber, tobacco, and orange blossom.

Chypre perfume family

A sophisticated perfume family, consisting of mossy, floral, and woody accords. The name is derived from the island of Cyprus, as quite a lot of the notes are drawn from the plants that grow there. Common perfume notes include oak moss and patchouli.

Floral perfume family

This perfume family is probably one of the most popular ones and features well-known and appreciated flowers. You can think of these scents as a bouquet of flowers you would pick up from a premium level florist, as they often include aromas that complement each other. Common perfume notes include: iris, rose, lily of the valley, and jasmine.

Fruit perfume family

Fruit perfume family is everything that you can think of when you hear the word ‘fruit’: vibrant, fun, sweet, and sometimes even sparkling. Fruity car perfumes can add a bit of fun to your everyday car travel, or invigorate the start of your day. Common perfume notes include raspberry, strawberry, and apple.

Wood perfume family

Being rich and seductive, woody car perfumes have an earthy base. Couple of years earlier, the wood perfume family used to be mostly used in masculine fragrances, but due to their specific nature, more and more female and unisex fragrances include this perfume family in their formulas. Common perfume notes include: oak, rosewood, cedarwood, and sandalwood.


Now when you know what the different types of perfume families are, it should be much easier for you to choose your favourite car perfume from our selection of car fragrances. See you behind the wheel!