The bond between memories and perfumes

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Some of the scents definitely have their associations: coffee beans that remind you of your favorite cafe, caramel that takes you back to your grandma’s kitchen, flowers that give you flashbacks about a special moment, and so on. The conclusion: smell is one of the senses that are connected to memory the most. Read on and find out the actual mechanics of how this works and some of the options how you can achieve this perfume-induced nostalgia.

The mechanics

We will not get too deep into the technical things here… All you need to know is that your nose is filled with thousands of receptors, which send information to your brain. More specifically, to the part of the brain that is responsible for emotions and memory.

When you smell a scent for the first time, your brain connects the scent to a memory, including a location and the people around you. As the time passes and you smell the same scent again, it will trigger the memories inside your brain.  However, we have to note that some memories might be deemed as less important than the others. Thus, some scents may induce more nostalgia than others.

How you can experience it using perfume

Scents are the key to bring up your favourite moments again and again. From citrusy aromas that make you remember spending time on the beach in a hot summery day to woody perfumes that spark you memories of cozy winter evenings with a book in your hands. Here are some of the notable associations that we could think of.

Your home. Choose your favourite places in your home, like a reading chair or a coffee table, and use scented candles or home perfumes to set the mood and create associations that bring you pleasant memories. Wallflower fragrance can be another interesting choice: they will fill your home up with an amazing scent that will last for weeks and will bring you a pleasant mood each time you come back.

Your bathroom. By using a scented shower gel, a soap or a body wash which comes in a travel size as well, each shower or bath can take you back to your favourite travelling moments. Use a similar lotion or cream right after the shower to prolong this experience even more.

Outside. You do not have to use your favourite scent just at home or in the bathroom. Use a perfume or a fragrance mist anytime and anywhere you like, even when you travel – create new experiences and reminiscent about the older ones.

Your car. Last but not least – our favourite part. Use car perfumes to get into the state of nostalgia when travelling or do it the other way around: use the fragrances you use in your car everywhere else, so you would get those exciting travel vibes daily!


Pretty interesting read, right? We are sure that our car perfumes can come in handy here as well – use them to induce old memories and nostalgia, or create new memories and experiences that our car perfumes will help you remember when travelling.