All about citrus perfumes

car perfume


Citrus scents… Reminds you of the sunny summer, right? They definitely should, as you cannot go wrong when choosing citrus perfume on a hot summer day. The same holds for your car perfumes. Just in case you want to dig deeper into what they consist of, here is all the information about those sharp top notes most of the citrusy car perfumes have.

Mandarin note

Mandarin is something that is truly hard to resist. Although it reminds Christmas for quite many of us, you cannot disagree that the smell which originates from China, Spain, Florida, and similar warm places, is really sweet, uplifting, and instantly makes you hungry. Mandarin is considered to be one of the most used zesty notes in today’s world of perfume.

Lemon note

Let’s consider that you smell lemon. What happens? The fresh and sparkling smell takes you straight to summer. Lemon note is a perfect match to aquatic perfume notes, e.g. ocean breeze and sea salt. On top of that, the perfume note is quite popular in the fashion industry right now. You have to try it out!

Orange blossom note

Orange blossom note is probably the first thing you think about when hearing the word ‘citrus’ in the perfume context. This perfume note is derived from the white flowers of the bitter orange tree. We recommend you to look for these rich and sweet smell filled notes along the notes of lavender, cinnamon, and jasmine. That way, they will have the maximum effect. We are almost sure that after smelling the orange perfume note it will become your next favourite.

Grapefruit note

Although the smell of grapefruit is not liked by everyone, its sharp and refreshing smell should not disappoint you in a perfume. Moreover, this relatively new fruit family perfume note goes perfectly with lavender and orange.


Perfume knowledge is the key to choosing the right car perfume to accompany you in your journeys. Now it will be a bit easier. See you behind the wheel!